Our tradition

Distilling tradition exists in our family since 1839. The first distillery was implementet in Weltersbach, near Kaiserslautern, Palatinate whitch at the time belonged to Bavaria. This destillery had a basic distill right of 10 Hektoliters 100% vol. alcohol in the year to distill of potatoes.

On 8 April 1922, the distillery started to be controlled by the customs office for production. From then on the distill right was coupled to land owened, which resulted in an amount of 63 Hektoliter 100% vol. alcohol per year. Now the fruit of fruit tree owners could also be distilled as an addition.

Starting from 12 January 1967 the distillery was converted into a agricultural sealed distillery for the production of industry-alcohol from potatoes, that eliminated the distilling for fruit tree owners, however the own fruit could still be distilled as an addition.

In the year 1972 the distillery was newly assessed and the distill right was raised again to 224 Hektoliters 100% vol. alcohol per year.

Unser Brennkessel - Obstbrennerei Klinck

On 2.10.1999 the distill right was sold because of closing the agriculture buiseness. In the year 2000 I set up an fruit distillery in Oberstaufenbach in the Kusel district and I’ll do my best to please my customers.

Walter Klinck